The Dee Charles Designs 2/3 Pen Zipper Case is hand crafted from top quality leather. The case is made of durable thick leather finished in colorful stitching and lined with a quality coordinated fabric, protected by a continuous zip around the case. Each pen is secured with an elastic loop, plus two additional loops to hold your favourite ink samples or travel inkwell, so you don't run out of ink when you're on the go.  Check out our many ink charger sets, empty ink sample vials and travel inkwell to complement this handy case.  

The leather is stiff at first and becomes softer over time.  The leather is very durable but it is naturally finished, so it will crease and scuff as it's used, giving it an earthy patina.  You can easily rub out scuffs with a damp rag but it's all part of the charm of having a rugged natural look. Most pens will fit, some bigger ones will feel snug at first but the case will stretch and wear in to accommodate all but the very biggest pens, just like a quality pair of shoes.

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2 Pen plus Ink Zipper Case - Midnight Blue

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