The Noodlers Boston Safety Pen is designed for use with bonded inks that would normally damage traditional fountain pens due to the chemicals they are made of such as india inks, gum arabic, shellac, iron gall, etc.  The Safety pens can use these inks without any damage and they can also use any other fountain pen inks as well.

The Safety pen covers the nib and feed in ink and is not like any other fountain pen. Because of its unique style it is safe to use inks that will damage normal fountain pens.  The pen is made from from ebonite with o-ring seals so it will not survive petroleum based writing fluids, but it will survive other inks that normal fountain pens can't.

Fill using an eye dropper.  Retractable nib.

I know that the only way to decide whether you really like a pen or not is to hold it, which is kindof difficult to do over the internet, so I have a solution. Buy it. If you don't like it, ship it back (your cost and everything must be returned in like new condition), and I will give you a full refund. I don't think that you can get fairer than that.

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Flexible Nib

Boston Safety Pen - Black

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