A beautiful book boasting 132-pages of highly informative and insightful content, Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach, presents new concepts and technical approaches that will completely reinvent the manner in which lettering artists tackle this beautiful script.  Written by one of today‚Äôs most preeminent and well-known scribes, Paul Antonio, this ambitious work also features the works of nearly 25 additional lettering artists renowned around the globe.

In addition to offering an extensive, in-depth study of Copperplate Script, Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach provides a range of exercises and drills, practice words, exemplars, guide sheet, and variations, and dedicates particular attention to ligatures, double letters and ampersands.  As comprehensive a resource as has ever been written for this script, this detailed manual is suitable for any level of ability from beginner to advanced calligrapher.

132 pages

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Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach

  • Author: Paul Antonio
  • Publisher: Speedball Art Products
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Pages: 132
  • Format: Spiralbound Softcover
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