Ink deserves to be inspiring, from the moment you receive it, to when you draw it into your pen, it should remind you of the magic of writing. So Ferris Wheel Press created an inspiring set of fountain pen inks, carefully crafted in over 36 distinct colours that will spur excitement, creativity, and a feeling of absolute joy every time you write! 

Creativity and inspiration can come at any time, and we want you to be ready for every spark of imagination. Inspired by the universal AA battery, the cathode and anode markers remind us that creativity can run low at times, and every creator needs a recharge. Our travel-friendly Ink Charger vials are designed to keep up with your flow of ideas, and replenish your pen at any moment.

The Ink Charger Ensemble features 20 x 5 ml beautifully designed vials of fountain pen inks from the Ferris Wheel Press Collection.  Take them along wherever you go. 

• 5ml vial sized to fit the Brush Fountain Pen Converters
• Rich and saturated tones
• Low sheen
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens

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Ink Charger Ensemble Vol 2 - The Box of Fascinations

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