• Johanness Kepler MINI 5ml x 3

Colorverse ink, from South Korea, is made of globally recognized premium quality plant-origin colorants and solvents. The ink writes smoothly on various kinds of pens and dries quickly on paper. The ink is treated for hydration and antibacterial properties so it doesn't dry or deteriorate easily in a pen. It's also designed to maintain the optimal pH for longer shelf life. Each box has quirky designs you associate with the Colorverse range. 

The MINI collection is a fun assortment of sample sized bottles to explore the Colorverse line. The MINI inks come in the same shape bottles as the full sized inks and are fun to collect.

The Johannes Kepler collection includes 3 x 5ml bottles of MINI inks: Planetary Motion (dark blue), Conjecture (purple) and Somnium (greyish green).

5ml  x 3 bottles

Made in South Korea.

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Johanness Kepler MINI 5ml x 3

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