• Arabic Calligraphy - Naskh Script for Beginners Mustafa Ja'far

Naskh is one of the six major cursive Arabic scripts. Its origins can be traced back to the late eighth century AD and it is still inuse today. In its earliest form Naskh was a utilitarian script, used mainly for correspondence, but durig the tenth and eleventh centuries it was completely transformed by teh elegant refinements of the great Abbasic calligrpahers. The Ottoman Turks also considered Naskh the script most suited for copying the Qur'an. Throughout the Islamic world, there are more Qur'ans copied in Naskh than in all othe rrabic scripts combined.

For centuries novice Arabic calligraphers have begun their training with the practice of Naskh, a tradition that continues today. This introductory workbook now makes it possible for everyone to learn and enjoy the beauty of Arabic calligraphy. Based on his experience of  running workshops and demonstrations, Mustafa Ja'far has distilled the basics into an easy-to-follow, teach-yourself guide.

Illustrated throughout in black and white.

2020 edition

British Museum Press


32 pages.

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Arabic Calligraphy - Naskh Script for Beginners Mustafa Ja'far

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