• Baystate Blue 3 oz (90 ml)
Noodlers Inks from the USA are known for their rich colours, quality properties, and value price.

Baystate Blue is:

- Water resistant

- Impervious to lasers, alcohols and solvents, ideal for security documents (Forgery-Resistant)

- pH 8-9

NOTE: Noodler's Baystate inks are formulated slightly different than standard fountain pen inks. Baystate colours are popular due to the fact that their colours are more vibrant than other inks, and that they have a slightly basic pH-level of 8-9. Baystate inks can be prone to staining and should not be mixed with other non-Baystate inks. If staining does occur, a solution of 10% bleach and 90% distilled water may help. It is advised that if you have an especially valuable or rare pen you may wish to avoid Baystate inks.

Please note Noodlers Inks are filled to the brim of their glass bottles, so use caution when opening for the first time. Noodlers Inks are hand made in small batches so you may see some slight variation from one batch to another.

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Baystate Blue 3 oz (90 ml)

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