• Blackwing Vol 64
We didn't stock regular pencils, long believing that a good mechanical pencil was far superior than sharpening a twig. Then I was given a Blackwing to try. I was wrong, and we got them in. The smoothness of the writing is unrivaled.
This is the modern reincarnation of the famous Eberhard-Faber Blackwing 602. Ideal for writing and sketching because of its ability to hold a point, the original 602 was favoured by famous writers such as John Steinbeck, as well as more modern writers.

The pencil is made from FSC certified cedar, and features replaceable erasers.

The Blackwing Volumes are limited edition pencils celebrating the people, places and events that have defined our creative culture.

The Blackwing Vol 64 is known as the Comic Book pencil, a tribute to the comic books and the minds that bring them to life. Each pencil features a halftone design that's a nod to the 64-colour palette utilised in some of the earlierst comics, starting with Rodolphe Topffer's first comic book in 1837.  Comic books have evolved from a niche medium to a comprensive storytelling device. Comic book writers, pencillers, inkers, letterers and colourists have birthed iconoic characters, explored profound topics, and deftly blurred the lines between pop-culture and art. 

The 64's firm graphite is perfect for sketching a new character concept or writing a list of their super powers.

Blackwing Pencils have various graphite hardness:
Matte - soft
Pearl - mid-weight
602 - firm
Natural - extra firm
Vol 6 - soft
Vol 64 - firm

Don't forget the Palomino sharpener to ensure you get the most from your pencil, and extra erasers for backup!

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Blackwing Vol 64

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