• Blackwing Volumes 42

We didn't stock regular pencils, long believing that a good mechanical pencil was far superior than sharpening a twig. Then I was given a Blackwing to try. I was wrong, and we got them in. The smoothness of the writing is unrivaled.

A balanced mid-weight lead, between the firmer 602 and the softer Blackwing.

The pencil is made from FSC certified cedar, and features replaceable erasers.

Don't forget the Palomino sharpener to ensure you get the most from your pencil.

The Volumes 42 is a limited edition tribute to Jackie Robinson, a US baseball player and civil rights advocate, who wore the number 42 on his jersey. The Volumes 42 pencil features balanced graphite, a white finish with blue eraser and grey ferrule.

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Blackwing Volumes 42

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