• Chartreuse (Highlighter Yellow) Private Reserve Ink 66ml Bottle
Top quality US made ink in a variety of outstanding colours. This ink is quite simply crazy. It is highlighter yellow colour. This means that I cannot get something close to the right colour with my scanner, but you know what colour it is. When you want what you write to stand out, this is the ink. Having said that, like normal highlighters, if the line is thin, it can look washed out, especially under yellow office lighting. This is not an ink to be subtle with, use it wide, use it loud!

This ink can either be used in a fountain pen (try a yellow Lamy Safari with the wide 1.9mm nib), or to refill standard highlighters. To do this, either dip the highlighter nib in the bottle & allow it to soak up the ink, or use an ink syringe (listed under accessories) or eye dropper, and just drop the ink onto the felt part of the highlighter until it stops absorbing it.

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Chartreuse (Highlighter Yellow) Private Reserve Ink 66ml Bottle

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