• Crab Nebula and Horsehead Nebula Glistening (2 bottles)

Colorverse ink, from South Korea, is made of globally recognized premium quality plant-origin colorants and solvents. The ink writes smoothly on various kinds of pens and dries quickly on paper. The ink is treated for hydration and antibacterial properties so it doesn't dry or deteriorate easily in a pen. It's also designed to maintain the optimal pH range for longer shelf life. For those of you who have even the slightest bit of interest in science, you’ll love the awesome packaging that goes with this Spaceward series. Inside each box you'll find a constellation star chart and accessory pack that includes stickers, a paper bookmark, a foldable paper pen stand and a branded napkin for clean-up. Made in South Korea. 2 bottles: 65ml + 15ml - one for home & one for the office, or one for you and one for a friend.

The Colorverse Eye on the Universe series is a collection of special interstellar inks inspired by the discoveries from the Hubble telescope. In six different 65ml + 15ml sets, these inks feature new, intense color variations manifesting as you write.  the effect is multiple shades, colors and sheens with every stroke.  

Colorverse Season 7 - Eye on the Universe Series No. 90/91

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Crab Nebula and Horsehead Nebula Glistening (2 bottles)

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