• Daniel Smith Walnut Ink 59ml
Daniel Smith Walnut Ink is a comfortable and convenient ink that delivers fine hairlines and lovely tones. It is a finely pigmented, sepia-colored, water-based natural walnut coloured drawing ink that is acid-free. It’s great for all types of drawing styles, and works beautifully with a dip pen or brush. When used with calligraphy pens, walnut Ink gives a beautiful, transparent, warm tone to lettering and dries to clean matte finish.  With a brush, Daniel Smith Walnut Ink handles like a transparent watercolor with good layering, and lifting capabilities in darker washes.  This ink produces the lightest sepia color straight out of the jar, but can be repeatedly layered to create darker tones. You can also lift color from this ink with a wet brush; however, it's recommended that you use this technique on heavyweight watercolor paper to avoid damaging your paper. The rich color resembles traditional walnut-based inks, but will not fade.  It is a great choice for drawing and painting techniques. Daniel Smith Walnut Ink is wonderful for adding warmth and historical character when painting over sketches done in permanent black ink, and by itself, it’s reminiscent of the aged ink drawings by Rembrandt and Da Vinci but will not fade. Daniel Smith can be used for calligraphy and will not degrade your nibs as easily as walnut ink crystals, but is slightly more acidic than Tom Norton’s walnut ink because it is actually made from walnuts. It is recommended that you clean your nib thoroughly after using Daniel Smith walnut ink.

Daniel Smith Walnut Ink is lightfast, non-acidic, transparent, and low staining. This ink is not waterproof. 
Not for use in fountain pens.

59 ml jar
Made in USA

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Daniel Smith Walnut Ink 59ml

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