• Gillott 404 Warranted - Vintage
The vintage Gillott 404 Warranted nib is bronze and is stamped England. It provides a fine hairline and is very smooth and easy to use. It is suitable for 3-5mm medium x-heights, and ideal for light weighted Copperplate. It is not as fragile or fine as the 303 and 170 size nibs, nearly as stiff as Nikko G.

The 404 is a popular nib among calligraphers because it delivers fine line quality without being too fragile. It has a fairly stiff nib, suitable for writing small x-heights on smooth as well as textured surfaces. This is a good choice for beginners. Because it is stiff, it requires a heavier hand and more pressure to create the swells, making it easier to control. It has a thicker hairline than others, making it a good choice for work for reproduction. As with the 170, it can be used for Spencerian script.

These nibs were discovered when an old warehouse was being renovated and we have been lucky enough to source some. We believe these nibs were produced in the early 1900's, when their use was normal in day to day life and therefore quality was more critical than the products produced today.

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Gillott 404 Warranted - Vintage

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