• Shikiori Shimoyo 20ml
Shikirori "Four Seasons" is a new range of inks introduced by the highly respected Japanese Sailor brand. Shikiori inks are exceptionally smooth flowing, high quality dye based inks. They come in elegant bottles in a variety of vibrant colours that reflect the changing seasons.

Shimoyo is one of four new colours that make up the Tsukuyo-no-minamo "moonlight water" series. These inks are designed to capture the different colours of the moonlight over the water's surface in each of the four seasons.

Summer - Yodaki "night fire", reflections of a camp fire near the river, is a reddish brown

Autumn - Yonaga "long night", birds on the river under a full moon, is a blue black

Winter - Shimoyo "frosty night", icy river under moonlight, is a dark blue

Spring - Yozakura "night cherry blossom", cherry blossoms on defrosting snow, is a pinkish lavender

As is common with Japanese inks, the ink will change in colour depending on the paper, light, amount of ink on the paper, and it seems your mood, making your writing something unique.

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Shikiori Shimoyo 20ml

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