Project 004 Dirty Red 65ml

Colorverse ink, from South Korea, is made of globally recognized premium quality plant-origin colora..

$40.75 Ex GST: $35.43

Pen Pouch - Brown

Does anyone have a pen? Bookaroo - a very handy little pouch for the front of your book, notebook or..

$22.95 Ex GST: $19.96

Shimmering ivory wax, pellets - 500g

Soft ivory with a sparkling effect.Bulk wax pellets in a ziplock bag.  Zero fanciness but a lot..

$100.00 Ex GST: $86.96

Age-Bag Stapled A4 Black Notebook - Blank

Simple, robust, effective.48 lined sheets of Clairefontaine's world famous 90gsm brushed vellum ivor..

$12.50 Ex GST: $10.87


Sport Collection Light Lavender Fountain Pen

There are only a few writing instruments which have been successful in the market for decades withou..

$54.90 Ex GST: $47.74

Eco Lilac Fountain Pen

A bright fountain pen for people who like to see the insides. A piston filler (no cartridges here) g..

$55.00 Ex GST: $47.83

Al-star Azure Fountain Pen (Limited Edition)

The classic look of the Safari now comes with an anodised aluminium style. Limited edition colour wi..

$69.99 Ex GST: $60.86

Peerless Darth Vader Fountain Pen

A limited edition of 1977 pens, Cross have honoured the iconic Star Wars movies with a version of th..

$499.50 $999.00 Ex GST: $434.35


100 Matte Black with Nickel Ballpoint Pen

Traditional elegance never goes out of fashion...

$34.99 $49.99 Ex GST: $30.43

Ferrari Century II Black Rollerball

Inspired by racing and officially licensed by Scuderia Ferrari, this pen will be loved by the petr..

$165.00 $220.00 Ex GST: $143.48

Peerless 125 Platinum Medalist Rollerball Pen

The finest pen Cross has ever brought to market, the Peerless 125 celebrates two great landmark mo..

$264.50 $529.00 Ex GST: $230.00

Yellow/Grey Herringbone

Maste is the new standard in washi tape, with full length rolls in a super compact, convenient forma..

$4.00 $4.80 Ex GST: $3.48