Cleaning Supplies

Supplies to keep your pen clean inside and out.

Bombay Pen Cleaner 60ml

Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Pen Cleaner formula is designed to remove Bombay India Ink. Safely clean b..

$12.25 Ex GST: $10.65

Bulb Syringe

60ml rubber bulb syringe. Great for cleaning fountain pens, just cut the end off to get a good seal..

$6.00 Ex GST: $5.22

Cleaning Fluid for Technical Pen

Designed to aid cleaning non-etching drawing inks in technical pens. Regular cleaning of pens will ..

$22.00 Ex GST: $19.13

Fountain Pen Cleaning Solution 50ml

Fountain pens work best if regularly cleaned, and J. Herbin have the product to help.Pour some pen c..

$22.00 Ex GST: $19.13

Polishing Paste for Brass Pens

The Esterglanz Universal polishing paste by Ahrenshof is a high quality, acid-free and material-frie..

$9.99 Ex GST: $8.69

Speedball Pen Cleaner 12ml

Speedball’s Pen Cleaner is a highly effective cleaning agent ideal for use on brushes and nibs to re..

$4.50 Ex GST: $3.91

Speedball Pen Cleaner 480ml

Speedball Super Pen Cleaner is specially formulated to keep dip pens, fountain pens, and technical p..

$34.90 Ex GST: $30.35

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