Dip Pen Nibs

Speedball Oblique Pen Set

Pen set with basic oblique pen holder and 6 nibs, 4 x Hunt 101 and 2 x Hunt 103, designed for copper..

$26.90 Ex GST: $23.39

Speedball Poster Pen Set

Pen set with basic straight pen holder and combination of square and round nibs for gothic, Ornamena..

$23.90 Ex GST: $20.78

Speedball Sketching Pen Set

Pen set with basic straight and pointed pen holders, along with 6 nibs including Hunt 99, 56, 102, 1..

$17.90 Ex GST: $15.57

Spencerian No 1 - Vintage nib

This is the original famous Spencerian No 1 Ivison Phinney Co nib that became world renouned and wid..

$20.00 Ex GST: $17.39


Also called 'Blue Pumpkin' because of its blue color and shape. (#361)Short hand nib, very fine poin..

$3.90 Ex GST: $3.39

Super Value Lettering & Calligraphy Kit

The Speedball Super Value Lettering and Calligraphy kit includes one of each of the following: C1, C..

$26.50 Ex GST: $23.04

William Mitchell Pedigree Manifold Slip 0505 - Vintage

From the William Mitchell Pedigree collecitonof the 1880's, the 0505 is a spring steel nib, having a..

$4.90 Ex GST: $4.26

Zebra G comic

Zebra G is a great nib for those looking for a little more flexibility without going as far as the s..

$4.50 Ex GST: $3.91

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