Dip Pen Nibs

Gilbert & Blanzy Poure Plume Diamante 405 - Vintage

Gilbert & Blanzy Poure Plume Diamante No. 405 from France. Very fine stroke, medium flexibility.Thes..

$5.00 Ex GST: $4.35

Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure 2500 Sergeant Major Superieure - Vintage

From Blanzy-Poure of France, the 2500 Sergeant Major Superieure nib is a flexible vintage nib with a..

$5.50 Ex GST: $4.78

Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure Montgolfier 171 EF - Vintage

From Blanzy-Poure of France, coveted vintage nib that's a great nib for calligraphy as well as ink d..

$5.00 Ex GST: $4.35

Gillott 1068A

The Gillott 1068a is a very rigid nib that requires heavy pressure to create swells. It It produces ..

$3.00 Ex GST: $2.61

Gillott 170

The Gillott 170 nib is smaller than the Gillott 404 nib. It is very flexible and smooth, and needs a..

$2.00 Ex GST: $1.74

Gillott 170 Warranted - Vintage

The vintage Gillott 170 Warranted nib is bronze and stamped England. The 170 is very flexible, but ..

$5.00 Ex GST: $4.35

Gillott 303

The Gillott 303 nib is one of the most commonly used nibs for Copperplate script. It is sharply poin..

$1.80 Ex GST: $1.57

Gillott 404

The 404 is a popular nib among calligraphers because it delivers fine line quality without being too..

$2.00 Ex GST: $1.74


Nib for Hebrew and Arabic writing or for left-handers...

$5.00 Ex GST: $4.35

Hunt 100 Artist

The Hunt 100 Arist nib is similar to the Hunt 103, except for a few small but important differences...

$2.90 Ex GST: $2.52

Hunt 101 Imperial Artist

The Hunt 101 is a great beginner nib and good all around nib. It is durable and steady, sometimes ca..

$2.90 Ex GST: $2.52

Hunt 102 Crow Quill

The #102 is a very popuar super fine and flexible art nib.  It is smaller and less flexible tha..

$2.90 Ex GST: $2.52

Hunt 103 Mapping

The Hunt 103 Mapping nib is similar to the Hunt 100 Artist nib, except for a few small but important..

$2.90 Ex GST: $2.52

Hunt 104 Drawing

The Hunt 104 superfine drawing creates the very finest hair lines and the smallest details. It is a ..

$2.90 Ex GST: $2.52

Hunt 107 Hawk Crow Quill

Stiffer than the #102, the #107 features a super fine point and is highly durable.  Best for cr..

$2.90 Ex GST: $2.52

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