Madame Butterfly Midi Unlined

The cover art by Benjamin Lacombe makes this notebook a place for your imagination to run wild, no m..

$26.99 Ex GST: $23.47

Touch Grey Maya Calligraphy Pad - A4

Maya paper is smooth on both sides, is suited to detailed pencil, graph liners and nib drawings. I..

$41.90 Ex GST: $36.43

Celeste Ultra Hardcover Dotgrid

The inspiration for this series was a copy of the L'office de la Semaine, originally bound in 1688 i..

$46.99 Ex GST: $40.86

Blue Velvet Pencil Case

Inspired by a piece of of a 15th century velvet dalmatic, this pencil case has a richness which plac..

$19.99 Ex GST: $17.38


Ferrari Intensity Carbon Fiber Ballpoint

Produced by Sheaffer under license to Ferrari. Made from carbon fibre simple and elegant pen will b..

$69.99 $99.99 Ex GST: $60.86

Taranis Icy Gunmetal Ballpoint

Designed by renowned U.S. architect Charles Debbas, the Taranis has the perfect balance betw classic..

$72.50 $145.00 Ex GST: $63.04

Prelude Brushed Chrome Rollerball

Chunky without being oversized, this is a pen for people who want something slightly larger without ..

$91.89 $130.00 Ex GST: $79.90

Sagaris Black and Chrome with Gold Trim Ballpoint Pen

A black and chrome body with gold coloured clip and trim  in a timeless style.Uses Sheaffer T o..

$69.99 $99.99 Ex GST: $60.86