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Not sure which refill is right for your pen? All of our refills are listed below for easy comparisons.

My refill has ISO 12757-1 or ISO 12757-2 on it, what does that mean? ISO 12757-1 defines the sizes for a variety of refills (including the Parker/G2). ISO 12757-2 defines requirements for documentary use of pen refills - eg fading. So ISO 12757-1 means you have a common refill, but doesn't say which one, ISO 12757-2 means your ink won't fade, but doesn't tell you anything about what size it is. Solution? Grab a ruler and check the table below:

Length (mm) Width (mm) Image Manufacturer Type Notes
605.8LamyLamy M22
614.1e+me+m short
672.2GenericD1 Mini ballpointAlso known as Schmidt 635M, Cross 8518, Fisher SU and Lamy M21, Mont Blanc small ballpoint
707.9CrossCross Ion
736BallografBallograf mini
766.9Generic8126/8127 Mini8126 is fine point, 8127 is medium point
856.5LamyLamy T11
894.8Sensa-Fisher CompatibleSensa-Fisher PressurisedFor the Spacepen
935.5e+me+m pencil
965.4SheafferSheaffer Ballpoint
965.8Caran d'AcheCaran D'Ache Goliath
965.9BallografBallograf standard
985.7Mont Blanc CompatibleMont Blanc Ballpoint
985.7ParkerParker BallpointAlso known as G2, DIN 16554-2, Luxor Neotec & Sheaffer T. Rollerball refills are available in this size
986.9Generic8126/8127 Short8126 is fine point, 8127 is medium point
1022.7e+me+m long
1025.5CrossCross slim ballpoint
1056LamyLamy M16
1075OmasOmas ballpointAlso known as the G1 and used by Yard-o-led
1096.9Generic8126/8127 Long8126 is fine point, 8127 is medium point. Will fit Cartier Diabolo & Must II
1097.6SheafferSheaffer Classic Rollerball
1106.2Generic888Identical to the 5888, except a plastic barrel rather than metal. Also known as Sheaffer Rollerball II, Sheaffer Slim and Schneider 850 topball
1106.7LamyLamy M66
1115.9WatermanWaterman RollerballVery similar to a 888, but with a square section before the ball. 888 will fit some, but not all Waterman pens
1116.2CrossCross Selectip
1125.3WatermanWaterman Ballpoint
1126Pelikan CompatiblePelikan Rollerball
1136.1Mont Blanc CompatibleMont Blanc RollerballScrew thread before the ballpoint
1156.2LamyLamy M63Replaces the M61 and M62
1158Mont Blanc CompatibleMont Blanc LeGrand RollerballStandard Mont Blanc rollerball refills will not fit LeGrand pens
1165.2CrossCross BallpointWidth is of the cap at end. Also known as Luxor Chrismatic
1167.1ParkerParker Rollerball

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