Jet black wax, pellets - 500g

Rich deep jet black wax with a smooth finish.Bulk wax pellets in a ziplock bag.  Zero fanciness..

$100.00 Ex GST: $86.96

Black cherry wax, pellets - 500g

Smooth black cherry colour. Bulk wax pellets in a ziplock bag.  Zero fanciness but a lot of wax..

$100.00 Ex GST: $86.96

Majestic bronze wax, pellets - 500g

Majestic bronze wax with pearlescent finish for an elegant traditional look.Bulk wax pellets in a zi..

$100.00 Ex GST: $86.96

Kikka Pencil Case

This pencil case reproduces Michiko Kamee’s “full of chrysanthemum” design, originally hand-painted ..

$22.99 Ex GST: $19.99


Cross Georgina Reading Glasses

Cross Georgina collection signature quality and style in a reader. Women's slim oval rimless reading..

$25.00 $54.99 Ex GST: $21.74

300 Blue Lacquer and Chrome Fountain Pen

A traditional fountain pen in a brushed finish that will never go out of style.Uses either the inclu..

$99.00 $129.00 Ex GST: $86.09

Taranis Sleek Chrome Ballpoint

Designed by renowned U.S. architect Charles Debbas, the Taranis has the perfect balance betw classic..

$97.50 $195.00 Ex GST: $84.78

Townsend 10kt Gold Filled Ballpoint

The quintessential statement of style and confidenceFor those who value individuality and impeccable..

$319.20 $399.00 Ex GST: $277.57