Bateman Books

Bateman Books

Penned and Painted, Lucy Freeman Sandler

The idea of the book was central throughout the western European and the eastern Mediterranean wor..

$89.99 Ex GST: $78.25

Journal with Purpose: Layout Ideas, Helen Colebrook

The followup from the extremely popular Journal with Purpose, this book is packed with prompts and i..

$49.99 Ex GST: $43.47

Introduction to Japanese Kanji Calligraphy, Kunii Takezaki and Bob Godin

This step-by-step Japanese calligraphy book explains the systems of Japanese language and delves int..

$41.00 Ex GST: $35.65

Hack Your Journal

This book will teach you how to make your own personalised journal for organising, recording and ref..

$35.00 Ex GST: $30.43

Urban Sketching Step by Step, Klaus Meier-Pauken

Learn how to capture our fast paced world in this inspiring book.Featuring 18 short exercises from..

$24.99 Ex GST: $21.73

Quick and Lively Urban Sketching, Klaus Meier-Pauken

Packed with creative exercises and practical tips, this book will help you breathe life and expressi..

$24.99 Ex GST: $21.73

Typographic Specimens: A Natural History of Letterforms, Andrew Bainbridge

The book presents 60 “species” from the imagination of author and illustrator, A.W. Bainbridge, take..

$22.99 Ex GST: $19.99

Cats in Medieval Manuscripts, Kathleen Walker-Meikle

Cats were illustrated in medieval manuscripts throughout the Middle Ages, often in exquisite detail ..

$37.99 Ex GST: $33.03

The Art Of Creative Writing : The Classic Guide to Writing Fiction, Lajos Egri

Thousands of books have been written on the subject of writing and how to do it better. Among them a..

$36.99 Ex GST: $32.17

The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy: The Ultimate Compendium on the Art of Fine Writing, Christopher Calderhead

Discover the sophisticated beauty of calligraphy from around the world with this comprehensive, one-..

$65.00 Ex GST: $56.52

Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy, Shozo Sato

Learn the Wisdom of Zen Through Traditional Brush Painting. In this beautiful and extraordinary..

$49.99 Ex GST: $43.47

Pocket Guide to Calligraphy, Joy Daniels and Nicola Dunn

In this book, learn the basic know-how and techniques for traditional calligraphy through four class..

$19.99 Ex GST: $17.38

Joy Of Modern Calligraphy, Joyce Lee

In this practical and inspiring book, Joyce introduces modern calligraphy, including the tools you n..

$39.99 Ex GST: $34.77

Holiday Hand Lettering, Lark Crafts

Nothing brings holiday cheer like beautifully hand-lettered cards, gift tags, and decorations. With ..

$39.99 Ex GST: $34.77

Happy Hand Lettering: Simple Calligraphy Techniques to Bring Your Words to Life, Jen Wagner

Messages from your own hand are an intimate and powerful means of expression and communication. Happ..

$53.00 Ex GST: $46.09

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