Calligraphy classes held at our shop in Whanganui

Special Themed Gothic Script (intro to dip pens) : One-Day Workshop - date TBC

Gothic scripts are relatively easy to learn in their construction and can be used in many ways. It l..

$120.00 Ex GST: $104.35

Uncial Script (intro to pointed dip pen): One-Day Workshop - date TBC

Enter the world of dip pens in this class!  The Uncial Hand is one of the most popular scripts ..

$120.00 Ex GST: $104.35

Foundational Hand for Beginners: One-Day Workshop - date TBC

The Foundational Hand is the ideal script when embarking on learning calligraphy as it underpins the..

$120.00 Ex GST: $104.35

Copperplate (next level pointed pen): One-Day Workshop - date TBC

Copperplate writing is what many believe to be “beautiful or fancy writing” which of course it is! I..

$120.00 Ex GST: $104.35

Introduction to Formal Italic: One-Day Workshop - date TBC

Italic is a very versatile script and it is one of the most popular calligraphic styles of letteri..

$120.00 Ex GST: $104.35

Gothicized Italic Script (next level): One-Day Workshop - date TBC

Gothicized Italic is a very attractive script which has many uses. It can be used for quotes, poems ..

$120.00 Ex GST: $104.35

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