• Pen Wipe Case - Desert Blue
The innovative Dee Charles Designs Pen Wipe Case is hand crafted from top quality leather.  The leather is very durable but it is naturally finished, so it will crease and scuff as it's used, giving it an earthy patina.  You can easily rub out scuffs with a damp rag but it's all part of the charm of having a rugged natural look.

It's a handy tool for your fountain pens to help avoid making a mess and providing easy access to safe cloths to wipe your pens and nibs.  The pen wipe case includes two removable lint-free special cloths for use when filing your pens, wiping your nibs or other general care and maintenance. 

These wipes can be reused many times, even if they have dried ink on them, and replacement inserts are available.  

It's sleek design measures 83mm x 120mm when closed.

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Pen Wipe Case - Desert Blue

  • $49.00

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