• Spencerian No 1 - Vintage nib

This is the original famous Spencerian No 1 Ivison Phinney Co nib that became world renouned and widely considered a “dream point” nib. It's one of the finest nibs available and rare to come by, designed for beautiful ornamental scripts such as Spencerian and Copperplate. The Spencerian nibs were made in Birmingham by Sir Josiah Mason for the Spencerian Pen Company, a subsidiary of a New York stationer, named after its owners, Ivison and Phinney. They requested the Spencerian No1 exclusively for their shop. At this time in the mid 1800s, Spencerian ornamental scripts were in popular use and thus the value of the nib sky rocketed. As time went on, the pen would only change slightly, in unperceivable ways, until WWI when metal was scarce and the nib quality declined.  This nib is the highly sought after legendary nib of the pre-1930's, stamped “ENGLAND” on the bottom.  The nibs made in the 1930's are stamped "Made in England" and from 1940's onward "Made in USA".   

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Spencerian No 1 - Vintage nib

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