• Dessin Arrow 66EF
The 66EF or "Arrow" nib is a steel drawing nib, amazingly soft and very fine. It’s a small, flexible nib that’s capable of making beautiful thick downstrokes and delicate thin upstrokes. The nib’s impressive flex ensures extraordinary stroke contrast. When you exert just a bit of pressure on the downstroke, the tines splay and make a thick stroke. This nib enables you to draw and also to write in very small Old English script.It is excellent for fine detail work due to its hard, sharp point.

The Brause EF66 nib doesn’t require much strength to write with and has a very smooth reaction, while the nib’s tines are strong enough that they don’t catch on the paper easily. This is a small nib, so it doesn’t hold a whole lot of ink. Prepare for frequent re-dipping!

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Dessin Arrow 66EF

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