150mm Precision T-Rule

The Precision T-Rule offers INCRA's patented marking holes at every full, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4mm from 0 ..

$49.50 Ex GST: $43.04

150mm Marking Rule

The INCRA 150mm Marking Rule is precisely what's needed for international accuracy. These rules offe..

$26.50 Ex GST: $23.04

250mm 10in Decimal MM Marking Rule

The 10" Decimal Inches and Millimeters Marking Rule is the perfect combination of traditional Englis..

$42.50 Ex GST: $36.96

300mm Centering Rule

Find the exact center of any workpiece up to 300mm wide. In addition to top and bottom micro-fine ma..

$49.00 Ex GST: $42.61

160mm Precision Protractor

INCRA has reinvented the protractor by putting extra long guide slots at every 45 degrees, 30 degree..

$69.00 Ex GST: $60.00

150mm Bend Rule

INCRA Bend Rules make dual-surface layouts a snap using the corner slots on the rule. It also p..

$36.50 Ex GST: $31.74

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