Leonardt 33

The Leonardt 33 is very similar to the Brause Dessin EF66 in appearance, but is somewhat bigger in s..

$2.30 Ex GST: $2.00

Leonardt 30 Drawing Nib

The Leonardt #30 is a large, moderate flex nib that's similar to a G nib. This nib has a nickel fini..

$2.30 Ex GST: $2.00

Leonardt 300 Ballpoint

The Leonardt 300 ball pointed nib is ideal for general purpose writing. It is a large, quite flexibl..

$2.30 Ex GST: $2.00

Leonardt General Drawing

Extra fine general use nib for drawing and writing. Can produce brush-like effects...

$2.00 Ex GST: $1.74

Leonardt Principal Extra Fine

The Leonardt Principal EF Nib is an extra flexible nib, offering excellent variation between lighter..

$5.20 Ex GST: $4.52

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