The innovative formula of Liquitex Professional Acrylic Gouache has a super-concentration of pure, ultra-fine pigments similar to traditional gouache, but it is mixed with a flexible acrylic-based binder,  unlike traditional gouache which is mixed with gum arabic. It is water-soluble when wet and dries to a matte, opaque and water-resistant surface when dry.  It contains the highest intensity of pigment in any of the paints in the Liquitex range and took 2 years in the lab to develop. When developing the formulation, Liquitex set out to provide the artist with the flexibility and smooth application you expect from an acrylic, with the best opacity possible. The acrylic vehicle for the pigment ensures a crack-free finish, unlike traditional gouache colour. The creamy, fluid texture means it can be used straight from the uniquely shaped bottle. Ideal for design and illustration, Liquitex Professional Acrylic Gouache has a flat, matte finish which does not reflect the light. Also ideal for scanning and mixing with digital effects.

As with all Liquitex products, the pigments in Acrylic Gouache have passed extensive tests for lightfastness. Each pigment is rated according to the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), and Liquitex only use pigments rated ASTM I or II. Work will have the greatest archival permanence possible – at least 50 years+ in gallery conditions – with no color shifting or fading, to stay vibrant and true.

Opaque / Semi-Opaque  

No need to dilute with water

No brush strokes

Non cracking

Water resistant

Permanent when dry

Ergonomic bottle design


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Acrylic Gouache 59ml - Vivid Lime Green

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