Pen Holders

Crystalline Briolette Pen Holder

This funky clear resin pen holder looks like your pen is held up by ice crystals. It's designed to ..

$53.00 Ex GST: $46.09

Line Pen Tray - Beech

A simple pen tray made from beech wood. The tray is 210mm x 70mm x 15mm.Responsibly sourced and FSC-..

$34.00 Ex GST: $29.57

Luminous Briolette Pen Holder

This funky looking resin pen holder glows in the dark. It's designed to hold the Briolette but fits..

$60.00 Ex GST: $52.17

Skull Pen Holder

This pen stand is designed for the Benu Minima, but will hold most fountain pens in style, and remin..

$45.00 Ex GST: $39.13

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